About The Thinking Palette

Welcome! We are so happy to have you visit us and we hope to make a meaningful impact in your life! The Thinking Palette was founded by Dr. Amaey Parekh in 2019 and our aim is to help everyone “Paint their true Potential”. We conduct art workshops, art therapy, counselling sessions as well as life coaching programs to help you succeed in every area of life.

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About Me

Hi. I’m Dr. Amaey Parekh, a Dentist by profession based in Mumbai and an artist and healer by passion. I am also pursuing my second masters in Counseling Psychology and a Post- Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy. I have also been trained in Pranic healing, Color therapy, Silva Technique, and Life coaching.

I have been a self-taught artist since childhood and have experimented with almost all mediums, watercolors being my favorite. I love creating art and teaching others. Over the years, as my interests grew, I came across various experiences that introduced me to the power of art and the subconscious mind. As I read and explored more, I began to develop my own understanding and interpretation of different modalities and decided to create a much simpler and more effective version that would enable individuals to be self-empowered.

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    Love from our clients

    I personally found the healing arts session really helpful. Totally enjoyed and learned a lot. The knowledge of the presenters was totally amazing, very positive, inspirational, and motivating.

    Mansi, Mumbai

    Amaey Sir is an excellent teacher and show extreme patience. He makes every step so simple, that even for beginners a difficult artwork becomes like a child’s play

    Swati, Delhi

    What a novel and unique approach to Chakra awakening. I experienced a flow state in both sound and color activation. Underwent an internal shift towards a positive change during the session.

    Prakash, Mumbai