About The Thinking Palette

Welcome! We are so happy to have you visit us and we hope to make a meaningful impact in your life! The Thinking Palette was founded by Dr. Amaey Parekh in 2019 and our aim is to help everyone “Paint their true Potential”. We conduct art workshops, art therapy, counseling sessions as well as life coaching programs to help you succeed in every area of life.

What started as a dream, has now become our passion and career. We at The Thinking Palette, believe in a holistic approach to life through art, science and spirituality. Our approach to mental health and success includes a combination of mind power techniques, art therapy and positive psychology. We also conduct art workshops, art therapy sessions and coaching for individuals and corporates. We have various programs designed for numerous audiences; old or young, men or women, single or married; and we understand and aim to bring about success in all areas of life.

We at The Thinking Palette have a sole purpose – to help you achieve all your goals, big and small! Whether it is a health issue, focus and growth in your career, improving relationships, increasing your sales, reaching greater milestones for your company, becoming financially free, healing your body and mind or taking up your hobby and making it a profession; we help you realize your true inner potential which will empower you to achieve everything you want or want to do in your life!

We believe success and healing is achievable by following certain principles. Hence, we hope to help you on this beautiful journey with a few directions! Our life coaching workshops include Knowing yourself better, Understanding Success Principles, Student Success, Perfect Pregnancy, Stress-free Doctors and many more.

About Dr. Amaey Parekh

Hi. I’m Dr. Amaey Parekh, a Dentist by profession based in Mumbai and an artist and healer by passion. I have done my second masters in Counseling Psychology and a Post- Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy. I have also been trained in Pranic healing, Color therapy, Silva Technique, and Life coaching.

I have been a self-taught artist since childhood and have experimented with almost all mediums, watercolors being my favorite. I love creating art and teaching others. Over the years, as my interests grew, I came across various experiences that introduced me to the power of art and the subconscious mind. As I read and explored more, I began to develop my own understanding and interpretation of different modalities and decided to create a much simpler and more effective version that would enable individuals to be self-empowered.

For me art is therapeutic, and thus I started The Thinking Palette, a combination of art workshops, art therapy, healing and counseling. I have been a practicing Prosthodontist and Implantologist since 2013. I have been into the field of healing and art since 2014. My aim and belief is that everyone has potential that just needs tapping into.

Our Mission

To help, heal, and enable 5 crore individuals to live their lives with joy and fulfillment through self- empowerment, with the power of art, science, and spirituality, by December 31, 2030.

Our Vision

A world of self-empowered individuals living their truly highest potential and healing themselves and others through the miraculous power of art and psychology.