We at The Thinking Palette, believe that art connects directly to our subconscious mind and to our inner self. Through art therapy it is possible to develop self-awareness, explore emotions, address unresolved emotional conflicts, improve social skills, and raise self-esteem. Art has the power to heal our mind, body and soul. It is an extremely non-judgemental and freely expressive mode of therapy. By combining eastern and western techniques, we work on finding the root cause of any problem, remove blockages and develop a greater self-understanding using art and colors.

Art Therapy has shown positive results in cases like Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Attention disorders, Eating disorders, Family or relationship issues and overall mental wellness.

Because art therapy allows people to express feelings on any subject through creative work rather than with speech, it is believed to be particularly helpful for those who feel out of touch with their emotions or feelings. Individuals experiencing difficulty discussing or remembering painful experiences may also find art therapy especially beneficial. And the main advantage is that no art skill is required at all! The focus is on the healing process, not on the artwork.

Dr. Amaey Parekh has completed his Post-graduation Diploma in Art Therapy. He uses healing arts and art therapy as a primary tool of focus in his counseling and coaching as well. To know more or have a session of art therapy, please contact us on the provided details.

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We also conduct various Chakra Balancing workshops