In our Chakra Mandala workshop, we aim to incorporate the traditional Indian Mandala with the elements of the colors and work directly on balancing the chakras through art and meditation. We first teach you how to develop your own mandala and then through a guided meditation, we work on using the power of colors to energize your chakras.

This two-hour workshop is unique because it allows you to have your own personal mandala as well. This workshop will leave you feeling truly calmer, more centered, and much more focused. It is suitable for anyone above age 14 years of age. Only the basic use of a compass and ruler is essential to be a participant in this workshop.

Color Therapy works directly by the use of colors that are vibrating at the same frequency as your chakras. When we do this workshop, we incorporate the use of those colors along with a guided meditation to help you work directly on your blocked energy centers and help them be aligned once again. It is an extremely unique experience on its own.

For any further details please feel free to contact us on +91 9892 424 027.


The session was deeply relaxing and meditative. Correctly said as Art Therapy

- Dr. Seema, Mumbai

The experience was amazing and refreshing

- Drashti, Pune

One of the most wonderful sessions of healing I have ever experienced

- Janki, Ahmedabad