The name of our organization came in from two terms -Thinking because it represents the mind and mental health and Palette – because well we are all about art and colors!

I love art and it has been my greatest passion since I was a child. Since 2015, I have been painting regularly and have been making bespoke art for clients – for homes, offices and other settings. In 2019, I combined my interests of teaching and art together and started conducting art workshops. We started conducting offline workshops in December and online as well since March 2020. I have held numerous exhibitions over the years and conducted over 50 workshops in just one year.

We also conduct various Art workshops

And many more… we keep updating our workshops with new and exciting artworks. To enquire or get more details

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I am also a certified Fevicryl Professional. I have experimented with various mediums and watercolors are definitely my favorite! For more artworks,

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I also have a variety of artwork available for purchase. You can find some of my works available for purchase on. For any custom orders, please feel free to reach out on +91 9892 424 027 or Email us at