There is a Brilliant Child locked inside every Student! So, do you want to unlock your child’s true potential? Then this program is the perfect solution.

In the current scenarios, students are being tested like never before. Getting the top percentage in every subject, getting a rank and continuously being pressurized from all sides, students are missing out on so many aspects of their life. They are getting overwhelmed and even the actual pressures of studies are affecting their academic and extra-curricular performances.

We believe every child has the ability to be shaped in to their best version with the right guidance. We call this our Seven-star-student Program because we will aim to help any student succeed in all 7 areas of their life – Academics, Health, Relationships, Hobbies, Extracurricular activities, Social skills and Personal goals. This 8-hour workshop incorporates proven scientific methodologies to empower students by helping them to unleash their true potential and develop a sense of achievement in them. Along with the removal of past conditioning and limiting beliefs, this workshop will leave the student with an attitude that retains the right aspects of a super student and also leads them to a healthy, stress-free life. After attending this program, we are certain that the student’s life will be better in all the seven aspects.

Who should attend:
Any student above 12 years of age. This program is suitable for anyone who is still pursuing an education and desires to grow and succeed.

Program Benefits

Get a thorough clarity of what the student wants to do in his/her life through goal setting.
Identify true inner qualities and techniques to develop them
Learn mind techniques for solving the complex issues
Gain the ability to deal with all types of emotions calmly and confidently
Improve your performance in exams, sports and everything which you aspire for
Strengthen your focus, concentration and memory
Better your relationships with parents, siblings, friends, etc.
Become capable of dealing with peer pressure or any sort of addictions
Improved health and well-being
Take home the attitude of a super student