If you relate to any of these points this program is meant for you. We want you to get the most out of this program so let’s understand in brief:

It is a holistic program that guides you to harmonize your emotions and health through the healing power of colours and music. It teaches a wonderful practice to move stuck energy and cultivate greater degree of awareness.

What is this workshop about & why is it called as Vibrations?

  • This workshop is designed to introduce the chakra system and how is it related to our overall health and wellbeing.
  • The word chakra in Sanskrit means ‘Wheel’, traditionally there are 7 energy wheels located along the spine of the body. Everything around us is made up of energy and vibration
  • The atoms and molecules that make up the earth and the trees, our bodies, and everything in our world, are buzzing with their own unique vibrational frequency.
  • Each of the seven chakras vibrates at its own frequency; and tuning to the vibration of each chakra is essential to balance and clean up out-dated, dysfunctional or negative programming that may be getting in the way of living our best life.

Who is conducting the workshop?

ASA wellness is collaborating with The Thinking Palette where we will be integrating science and spirituality, to bring to you the perfect harmony of mind, body and soul through a medium of colour & sound therapy. We are a team of psychologists, art therapists and healers who believe in harmony at all the levels.


ASA (pronounced as aisa) an initiative towards creating a healthy mind and body. We are a group of 4 professionals who believe that for any kind of positive change there needs to be a holistic development of the individual at the mental, physical and spiritual level.

The Thinking Palette

The Thinking Palette is an amalgamation of art workshops, art therapy, healing and counseling. We conduct events and provide our services online and offline for mental and emotional wellbeing

No artistic skill required. It’s completely unique and easy modality for all the above 18 years. You will learn techniques to guide yourself and your loved ones in all situations with more confidence and ease.

What to expect during the workshop

Interactive sessions where you will get to explore the fascinating world of chakras and human energy channels.

  • You will experience the incredible healing power of colours and music and learn some amazing techniques to achieve desired results.
  • You will also learn which chakra is dominant in your life and how you can influence the change.
  • Meditation to ground us in the space and bring awareness into the chakras.
  • Theory of the chakra system and how they manifest.
  • Useful tools to engage and balance the chakras.
  • Breath and body movement through the chakras.
  • Creative chakra meditation.

Unique take away

  • The technique to clear, open, and activate your chakras, corresponding body parts, and glands
  • Chakra balancing yoga
  • Relaxing breathing techniques
  • Chakra Meditation, Mantras for each chakra
  • Affirmations for chakra activation

Who’s a good fit for this program?

  • This workshop is great for all who are interested in diving deeper and receiving more information about the chakras. Whether you have already studied chakras or only heard the term here and there, this workshop is intended to provide greater understanding and techniques for accessing the chakras and creating balance from within.
  • Anyone who wishes to experience holistic healing that improves energy levels, sleep disturbances concentration and awareness. The outcome of this workshop depends on your willingness to make changes and being consistent with the program.

Requirement for the workshop

  • Please bring a notebook and a pen. Wear something comfortable, we will be sitting and stretching.

  • Duration of the program: Two-day program: One hour 30 minutes each session.

  • Sessions will be conducted virtually via Zoom.